The mission of S-GROUP Company is production of plastics paint, paints and thinners for graphics industry, distribution of paints and varnishes and automobile paints of high and proven quality, in accordance with requests of our buyers, paying special attention to security and safety of further use, as well as to meeting the strict ecological standards.

Vision: Position of the leading producer of paints for plastics and graphics and position of the leading finishing works material distributor in the Republic of Serbia and countries of the region.

S-GROUP Company shall realize its goals by:

– Meeting the demands and expectations of the buyers, by constantly high product and service quality and competitive prices.

– Nurturing good business relations with buyers, suppliers and other relevant interest groups.

– Improving the production process and constantly modernizing technical procedures, utilization of Company resources and investing in infrastructural facilities.

– Implementation of modern marketing and communication methods.

– Implementation of QMS in accordance with SRPS ISO 9001 standard, with constant improvements and achievement of planned effectiveness and efficiency.

– Providing adequate work safety and health conditions and fire protection measures.

– Socially responsible business operation, with respect for all ecological standards and protection of the environment.

– Constant improvement of business and information systems.

– Achieving income and profit to ensure sustainable development of the Company and meet expectations of the owners.

– Timely settling liabilities towards the investors, social community, employees, constantly taking care of protection and growth of standard of the employees.

– Acquiring new knowledge while nurturing team and individual work, through constant education and training of employees, as well as raising awareness of the employees as to the importance of product and service quality.

– Encouraging creativity and changes to operational rules.

– Raising the level of awareness of existing risks in individual liabilities in terms of implementation of the Quality Management System.

All employees of S-GROUP DOO Company are responsible for performing the assigned tasks in the best possible manner, in accordance with professional rules, Quality System document requirements, to preserve the acquired Company image in the market and any other place, while respecting work principles of the code of conduct.

Managing Director, management representative and management of the S-GROUP DOO Company are responsible for setting measurable goals, resulting from this Quality Policy, to be constantly reconsidered and adequate, as well as implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System, interpretation of this Policy and coordination of all activities related thereto, within and outside of the Company.


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